Trichology Sessions at The Hair Loss Clinic

What we offer and what to expect

What we offer

Eva Proudman MIT IAT has had a long association over the past 18 years with Ann Fegan the proprietor of the prestigious Options Hair Design Salon . Ann, developed an interest in wig-making and the science of hair and hair loss and the last 15 years have seen Ann pursuing these interests as she worked alongside Eva on various projects. Eva and Ann developed pioneering ground breaking techniques for adaptations of hair extensions which could be used in cases of hair loss and wigs. It was a natural progression that when Ann was looking to offer a service for hair loss that she and Eva teamed up to provide this.

Eva offers a monthly Trichology Clinic at The Hair Loss Clinic that can manage any kind of hair or scalp concern, the first step is always an accurate diagnosis of the condition, followed up with informed choices about options to treat, manage, cosmetically cover or surgical interventions, and the choice is always down to the individual patient and their own circumstances and preferences.

All consultations are private and last for between 45 minutes and 1 hour, during this time all relevant areas of health, diet, lifestyle, family history, hair care regime will be discussed along with an in depth examination, including the use of a specialist scalp camera to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan and referral to GP if necessary. Eva may take small hair samples for microscopic examination, and may also require blood test results to complete her diagnosis. Everything will be fully discussed during the consultation, answering all of your questions, often fact sheets are available for you to take home with you and we are always available to answer any questions that may arise once the consultation has taken place.

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What to expect

At the Hair Loss Clinic we passionately believe in providing a caring and respectful service for our clients many of whom require our service due to hair loss caused by cancer treatments or other medical conditions. We know the distressing impact hair loss can have and tailor our service to provide a range of sympathetic solutions to our clients. We are delighted to offer you the very latest 21st century hair loss solutions combined technical knowledge, creative hairdressing and expertise in hair integrations to bring you the total hair loss solution.

The Hair Loss Clinic has years of experience in hair replacement services and will guide you through the hair treatments available, starting with a free hair check and a no obligation consultation where we can determine which course of action will be most appropriate to your case.

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