Hair Replacement Systems

There are many Hair Replacement Systems available on the market today with Hair Loss affecting 40% of men by the age of thirty five and   40% of women over the age of 50  and about 45% of all women over 80.When choosing any hair loss replacement system it is very important that you and your consultant look at what will cause the least stress and damage to the remaining hair.  At the hair loss clinic retaining existing hair and not causing further damage is always the driver behind the advice we offer.

Integration Pieces An integration piece offers a low maintenance solution for thinning hair ideal for someone with a busy lifestyle and those who do not need a full wig.   The piece is attached to your own hair by threading individual section of your existing hair into the piece it is secured in a way that protects the hair root causing no tension or stress. These are made in Euro type hair. We can offer a variety of pieces dependent on the degree of hair loss.  These can be cut and styled to blend seamlessly with your existing hair.  Integration pieces are not removed at night and stay in place for up to 7 weeks dependant on hair growth.
We are able to supply custom made pieces that can be reapplied daily should you wish to go for this option.  These pieces re available in European hair (widely known to be a superior quality to other hair types)

Wigs have undergone a transformation in recent years.  Gone are the days of plastic looking immoveable and obvious wigs.  
The wigs we offer are of a high quality and are styled to your individual needs.  There is a huge variety of wigs available and a wide range of costs to match.  Consultations prior to fitting are essential to look at face shape, skull shape and size, skin tone and scalp health as well as discussing life style and desired finish look.
We are able to provide a huge variety of wigs from machine made to hand finished.
One of the paramount considerations when buying a wig is that it needs to be cut by a stylist who fully understands how to style a wig to the clients face, and has experience in the cutting techniques involved.  This is essential at the initial fitting and also when providing ongoing maintenance.