Ann Fegan (Founder)

Ann Fegan is the driving force behind The Hair Loss Clinic. Ann trained at the prestigious London College of Fashion and has 32 years of experience of working within many different aspects of the hair industry. She developed an interest in wig-making and the science of hair and hair loss and following many years of training in this area she started The Hair Loss Clinic to provide bespoke support to those suffering from hair loss.

Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Eva qualified as a Trichologist with the prestigious Institute of Trichologists, having graduated with credit and being awarded the John Firmage award for her consistent dedication to her studies.

Eva is a highly sought after Hair Specialist and with over 18 years experience working in her field, her knowledge about hair is unquestionable. She diagnoses the causes of hair fall, breakage, thinning, diseases of the scalp and offers both industry professional and consumers, specialist advice on the most appropriate solutions.