"Life Changing"

I have seen Ann - I went in with total loss of confidence and left feeling reassured that I can now go forward with my work and social life.  This has been lifechanging for me.

"I felt like I'd reached the end of the road with my hair loss"

Thanks to Ann I can now see there is a future for my hair and I have choices.


You have made me look like the person I feel inside - I am so much happier now.  I feel like I can be a part of my life again instead of hiding

"A way forward"

I was so nervous coming to you - I felt like I was going to a job interview but that interview would change my life.  Ann you were able to reassure me straight away and I now have a way forward.

"You changed my mind!"

I found the whole concept of a wig terrifying - with thoughts of how they used to look (like a helmet).  I could not be happier with the end result - it is totally like my own hair used to be and I forget I am even wearing it!


When I was feeling physically at my worst to be able to look like myself was truly amazing.  Chemotherapy is a hard road and you made a part of it much easier for me.

"So many options!"

The number of wigs that you were able to show me was great - who knew there were so many options!  And the care package for looking after my wig at home was a great help.  I always thought I wanted my 'old' hair back but now I think I might try something new!