Understanding Hair Loss

Everyone loses some hair every day; losing up to 100 hairs a day is normal.

Hair Loss can happen for a number of reasons. Hereditary, stress, illness and lifestyle factors can all have an impact on your hair growth. In addition many cancer sufferers may face hair loss as a side-effect of their treatment, this being a particularly distressing form of hair loss. Hair also has different significance across different ages, sexes and cultures.

Others common causes of hair loss are:

Hereditary  - in most cases hair loss is inherited, which means it’s passed down from one or both of your parents. This is called male-pattern or female-pattern hair loss. Male Pattern hair loss affects 6.5 million men in the UK, men who have lost their hair are a common sight that we accept as normal. Many men shave their heads at a very early stage of hair loss when in fact there are many treatments available to prevent male pattern hair loss. Among the many treatments that we offer at The Hair Loss Clinic the HALO Laser hair loss treatment that is FDA approved can, subject to consultation, give you gradual restoration of hair without drugs or surgery.

Damage to your hair from pulling it back too tightly, wearing tight braids or ponytails, or using curling irons or dyes.

Age, you grow less hair as you get older and hair also gets thinner and tends to break more easily.

Poor diet, especially a diet where you are not getting enough protein or iron.

Thyroid diseases, like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Stress can be a major contributing factor in hair loss.  This is something we have seen a lot of recently due to COVID-19 and the lockdowns.  Covid in itself has links to hair loss and the stress and worry of the last 2 years has also impacted on this greatly. 

The distress that hair loss can cause is understandable. The way we look and how we feel about ourselves is closely linked and can have a dramatic impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. This is especially true in today’s increasingly image based society. For those suffering hair-loss as a result of treatment for cancer, extreme stress or illness the hair loss can be a constant unwelcome reminder of their illness or circumstance.

What can The Hair Loss Clinic do to help you?

The Hair Loss Clinic is a company set up to provide information, advice, support and above all solutions for people experiencing hair loss.

Not only do we provide realistic and workable solutions to those suffering from hair loss but we are also specialists in after and on-going care for hair loss, giving you the very best support.

We can help you through your journey from hair loss through to aftercare if your hair grows back. We provide a personalised service and will recommend the course of treatment or other solutions most appropriate to you.

·         We provide information, support and advice about your hair loss and identify the factors you will need to consider when choosing which solution is suitable for you.

·         We provide guidance on cutting and styling of your wig or integration piece and advice on what to do when your hair starts growing back.

·         We provide specialist expertise across all areas of advice, wig cutting and aftercare. We provide a responsible service with respect and discretion for all our clients.

Clinic Consultations

Monthly Clinics held in our peaceful treatment room in the Essex countryside.  You will be given a full, completely private consultation with Ann and Eva.

Wigs and Integration Pieces

The Hair Loss Clinic can order, fit and style wigs and Integration Pieces.  We offer a full bespoke service.  


The Hair Loss Clinic offers a full range of treatments for hair loss, from prescription medication to laser treament.