Whether your choice is a hair replacement system or not it is important to treat the scalp and improve your general health.  At your clinic appointment a full medical history will be taken and  you may be advised to get blood tests.  Even with hereditary hair loss maintaining hair health is essential.

Suppplements - prescription grade
full dietary advice 
topical treatment - formulated to promote hair health

Halo Elite Hair Laser

When the hair starts to look thinner it is actually the individual strands of hair that become finer. With time, however, the weakened follicles actually stop producing hair and then there is overt baldness. Halo Elite Laser treatments are ideally started at the early stage. The length of time when the hair follicles can be ‘wakened up’ to start producing hair again.

Halo Elite uses a laser light to strengthen the hair follicles and give them the energy to revert to producing thicker, healthier hairs. Halo Elite Hair restoration is an FDA approved treatment that stimulates hair growth without the need for drugs or hair transplant surgery.